Journeyman Ink transcends cultures, creeds, and races by awakening the creative soul through the development of emotional literacy in various forms of artistic expression.


Journeyman Ink will pursue speaking opportunities which are unique for their integration of original spoken word pieces.  We will offer diversity education, character development, and professional consultation that touches on human emotions and empowers each participant to discover their own voice.  Journeyman Ink will position itself as an organization that provides commission work tailored to fit any client.  Furthermore, we will inspire others to talk to the page, write to be heard, and courageously find strength and common ground as we awaken the creative soul. 


"The Magic of DaVerse Lounge: From the Classroom to the Stage" 


DaVerse Lounge from Big Thought on Vimeo.

Film by Fabian Aguirre - Found on Vimeo.com